Discover the best of Singapore, A country that recently emerged as the world’s most economically competitive country

Owing to its beautiful landscape, state-of-the-art architecture, rich and diverse culture, great food, elegant night-life and some of the best shopping centres, Singapore is a country that is in every holidaymaker’s travel archive.
Singapore is one of the well planned, cleanest, fast-growing and most entertaining and enthralling countries in the world. Singapore may be a small country but it never fails to take one by surprise about the enormous amount of places and things it has to offer to Explore, Discover & learn. Here are some of the amazing things to check out while holidaying in SingaporeMarina BayWander in wonder along Marina Bay which is believed to be a major tourist attraction of Singapore. Embellished by tall and extravagant skyscrapers, unique and voguish architectural structures, the breathtaking gardens, and a lot other interesting and entertaining centres, Marina Bay is a true delight.

Things to do at Marina Bay
Enjoy a walk along the Gardens by the Bay. This is home t…

Experience a Laid Back Holiday in one of the most beautiful countries of Asia, Thailand

Thailand is one of the most preferred international holiday destinations across the world. Be it a family vacation, honeymoon, group or solo travel, Thailand is just perfect for all kinds of travels. Its scenic landscape, beautiful tropical beaches, temples, rich culture and tradition and delicious Thai cuisine could make one hypnotic and fall in love with the country.BangkokThailand’s capital is undoubtedly one of the exuberant and vibrant cities that boasts a mix of conventionally and contemporarily designed buildings, huge shopping malls, an overwhelming number of markets, Buddhist temples and sparkling nightlife. 
Here are some of the exciting things one could do in Bangkok:
Visit Wat Pho Temple that has a magnificent statue of Reclining Buddha covered in gold leaf that stands fifteen meters tall and forty-six meters long.Board the Sky Train and take a tour around Bangkok City.Explore the zesty and lively Chatuchak Market. This market is one of the largest markets in the world which…